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NHL 19 – Video: Verbesserungen beim Scouting im Franchise-Modus

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Im Franchise-Modus von NHL 19 wollen die Entwickler größere Verbesserungen am Scouting vorgenommen haben. Gurn Sumal erklärt im neusten Video, dass man diesmal bis zu 20 Amateur- und Profi-Scouts managen darf. Die Eishockey-Simulation für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One soll am 14. September 2018 erscheinen

EA Sports:

 „Assemble a team of up to 20 amateur and pro scouts that specialize in different skills and regions. Scouts now have over 30 ratings that determine their ability to scout players, with two areas of expertise known as Evaluation Abilities and Region Familiarity. Evaluation Abilities assess skills such as shooting, skating ability, or a player’s character, as well as ratings on the scout’s efficiency and how adept they are at discovering prospects. Region Familiarity will give you a sense of a particular scout’s abilities in certain parts of the world, while spending time in these regions can help scouts improve their ratings in different countries. (…)  Amateur scouting is more detailed, too, featuring a central scouting rank for each prospect that can be compared against the information your team of scouts has collected. New reports provide insightful information about a prospect entering the NHL, including point totals from various junior leagues, player personality, potential, and strengths and weaknesses that compare them to a similar NHL player or alumni. The report also includes a Skills Assessment, Scout Rank, and information on a skater’s playstyle, like playmaker or two-way forward.“

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